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Mississippi & Alabama
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Mississippi and Alabama, heartlands of the Deep South, are steeped in a rich tapestry of cultural heritage and compelling history. In Mississippi, the haunting strains of blues music permeate the air, originating from the Delta and celebrated across the state's vibrant live music venues and dedicated museums. The region's tumultuous history is also deeply honoured, particularly in places like the Mississippi Civil Rights Museum. Neighbouring Alabama echoes this profound historical resonance, particularly in cities like Birmingham and Montgomery, which were central to the civil rights movement and now host significant sites like the National Memorial for Peace and Justice.

Both states are not only custodians of American historical narratives but also boast beautiful landscapes, from Alabama’s white sandy Gulf shores to Mississippi’s lush, rolling hills. Together, they offer a journey through a region rich with storytelling, where each city and landscape holds deep American legacies, inviting travelers to immerse themselves in the authentic and transformative spirit of the South.

Unmissable experiences in Mississippi & Alabama
Must Do
Travel Plantation Alley in Mississippi to learn of the tumultuous history behind the Antebellum houses
Don't Miss
Vicksburg, Mississippi - steeped in Civil War history and a budding Blues music scene
Must Visit
Montgomery to learn more of the Civil Rights movement and Alabama's part in it, seeing the bus stop Rosa Parks boarded her infamous journey and Martin Luther King Jrs' former church
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