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Why you should be booking early
2023 is right around the corner, it’s a time where many of us are looking to set goals for the new year, start making plans and of course thinking about the places you want to explore next! When it comes to holidays there’s the age old question – when’s the best time to book? Whilst we love a last minute getaway as much as anyone, there’s plenty of benefits to booking early, especially with the January sales approaching.


Bag a bargain

It’s well known that January is the time when the sales start, it’s a great opportunity to book your favourite destination at a bargain.


Lots of choice

When you book early you’re giving yourself a wider range of options as to when you fly and stay. If you need more flexibility because of plans and commitments, planning early can save you a lot of hassle later down the line.


Get that window seat

Many airlines will give you the option to pre-book your seat, and we all know the best seat is the ones that allow you those gorgeous blue sky views. Getting in there quick will allow you the opportunity to grab those window seats.


Don’t miss out

Popular destinations and hotels around the world and in the UK will sell early, so to avoid disappointment speak to an Internet Traveller expert to find your perfect package as soon as possible.


Buy now, pay later

If you book a package holiday with us, we offer plenty of packages with only a £100 deposit per person, and the balance can be paid in a way that suits you – meaning your perfect holiday is easier to book than ever.


Most importantly – it’s something to look forward to

As they say, it’s just as much about the journey as the destination. Booking early means you’re giving yourself something to look forward to. So when you’re stuck in traffic, or the rain is pouring, just imagine the moment you step off the plane in a beautiful new country – it’s sure to brighten even the gloomiest British day!


Get ahead of the curve and speak to one of our experts today to secure your dream holiday or follow us on socials to keep up to date with all our latest deals and getaways!


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