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Why more people are choosing multi-centre destination holidays

Sometimes visiting one destination for a few days isn’t enough. You want to make the most of your getaway and delve in to the culture of multiple cities in one country, or if you’re feeling really adventurous, multiple countries in one trip.

That’s where a multi-centre holiday comes in. With the choice of a tailor made getaway designed for you by experts in the industry that could also save you money, it’s no wonder multi-centre trips are becoming increasingly popular.

As experts in bespoke holiday packages, we’ve listed the top reasons more UK travellers are choosing to go multi-centre.


Experience more

When you’re not tied to one location or accommodation you get to experience more countries and culture, delving deeper into the local way of life. It also means you get to tick more off your bucket list in one trip, creating more memories to cherish.

With top itineraries being added all the time, you have the luxury of choosing from an array of destinations, and to travel iconic routes such as New Orleans, Miami and Memphis.

For example, you could visit Hong Kong, Bangkok, Hua Hin and Dubai, with a free half day city and temple tour in Bangkok all in one trip, with flights and 5* accommodation all planned for you.


Excellent value

Multi-centre holidays are proving popular not only for the experience, but also because they are budget friendly. As you pay for only one package, you get to see two or more destinations in one trip, saving you money on airfare, as you only pay for one set of return flights.

Many packages also offer discounts on excursions, travel and/or accommodation if you book all together.


A destination for everyone

Get the best of both worlds. When you choose a multi-centre holiday you’re not limited to a beach, city, or countryside getaway. You could choose all three and keep everyone happy.


Keep things exciting

There’s nothing worse than feeling bored on holiday. Although rare, sometimes the monotony of relaxing on the beach can get tiresome. With a bespoke multi-centre holiday, you’re always experiencing something new, without the stress of planning travel and accommodation.

With multi-centre holidays becoming increasingly popular with UK tourists, new itineraries are being added all the time, so whether you have a specific plan in mind or are open to something new, there’s bound to be a trip for you.


Let the experts handle it

Take the stress out of holiday planning and let the experts handle it. We know having to plan accommodation, excursions and travel can be a pain, especially when there’s so much you want to see and do. As experts in bespoke holidays, we work with you to find your dream destinations that work within your budget. Plus, with our wealth of knowledge in the industry we might find something you love that you’ve never thought to do before!


What types of multi-centre holidays are there?

Short haul: Mainly in Europe, great for short journey breaks to visit more than one region. For example,  you can explore Milan, Genoa and Liguria in Italy all in one trip.

Long haul: There are plenty of long haul destinations to choose. From the towering cityscapes of the US to the expansive safaris of Africa.


View our full collection of multi-centre holidays here, or speak to an expert on 01737 646410.

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