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Top tips to see more of the USA
The USA is proving to be a popular destination for many travellers, with many choosing longer holidays to make the most of what the States has to offer. Being the fourth largest country in the world by size, the US provides a whole host of various cultures, climates, and unforgettable experiences, so it’s well worth making the most of your trip.

To experience all you can in a time and budget that suits you, we recommend speaking to our experts about multi-centre destination packages. With a choice of a tailor made getaway designed for you by experts in the industry, you’re able to experience more for excellent value, with destinations that will suit everyone. For more information on multi-centre destinations, read our blog.

For the US specifically, there’s plenty of ways to discover everything it has to offer. The most obvious being by plane, though have you ever thought of by train? Amtrak is the national passenger railroad company of the United States. operating inter-city in 46 of the 48 contiguous US states as well as nine in Canada. Travelling by train is the ultimate way to discover those beautiful natural landscapes and sprawling cities comfortably at your own pace, and we can’t recommend it enough.


Whether you’ve travelled by train before or this is your first time, here are some top tips for travelling by Amtrak.

1.      Write a pre-departure checklist

Plan ahead to ensure a smooth journey, write a checklist of the essentials, including your ID, travel insurance, medications, comfort items and most importantly your tickets!


2.     Wear comfortable clothing

Especially for long distance, you want to wear clothing that is super comfortable and warm. Sometimes the trains can get cold so it’s best to be prepared. Once onboard you may find that people will walk around in their pyjamas – so don’t be worried about dressing to impress.


3.     Reserve a sleeping car room

If you’re planning to journey overnight, make sure you book a Roomette or Bedroom onboard. All dining car meals are included in the booking, as are hot showers, water, coffee and a dedicated Sleeping Car Attendant (remember to tip).


4.      Plan for train delays

Amtrak trains share the tracks with massive freight trains which will always get priority, so you should plan for some unexpected delays during longer routes. Try to be patient – it’s all about the journey!


5.     Bring your own snacks and beverages

You’re free to bring your own food and drink on board the Amtrak, so feel free to stock up on your favourite snacks for the journey. Please keep in mind your own goodies can only be enjoyed from your Sleeping Car accommodations.


6.     Make friends

One of the best aspects of travelling by train is that you get to meet people from all over the world. When visiting the lounge or dining car, don’t be scared to say hello to your fellow passengers.


Our favourite Amtrak destinations

Take your next adventure on board Amtrak with our favourite packages below.

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12 nights in Atlanta, Chicago, Memphis & New Orleans

9 nights in Chicago, Memphis & New York City

12 nights in New Orleans, Memphis, Washington DC & New York City


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