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New Year in New York! The best places to be at midnight
Visiting New York is an experience on many people’s bucket lists, however combined with the thrill and energy of New Year’s, it makes for a truly unique experience.

With a teeming population of over 8.4 million people, New York is made up of a wide array of cultures. From art to food, there’s plenty to discover and so many options on how to see in the New Year. So, if you’re wondering where to be when the clock strikes midnight, consider our favourite places below!


Ball Drop at Times Square

Possibly the most well-known location to see in the New Year, Times Square offers a chance to live your festive movie moment, though you’ll need to be prepared. Due to it’s popularity, you’ll need to arrive by 12pm to join the queue. Entry closes at 2pm so it’s worth getting there early, and once you’re in you’re not able to leave. It’s also worth noting that only small bags will be allowed in and alcohol is strictly prohibited. It can also get very cold in New York over the winter so make sure you’ve wrapped up warm!


With that being said, if you’re well prepared and able to get in, it’s well worth it to see the megastar performances and watch the iconic ball drop surrounded by the energy of people celebrating.


See in the New Year on a cruise

For something slightly warmer and more relaxed, consider taking a cruise along the Hudson River. Boat tour operators offer a very special program with food, drinks, and fireworks. You’ll also have amazing views of the Statue of Liberty and the southern tip of Manhattan.


Make the most of the firework displays from an observation deck

If you’re looking to make the most of all the various fireworks displays that kick-off at midnight, an observation deck is a must!

The Hudson Yards observation deck called Edge is the cities’ newest and highest open observation deck. Though not for the feint of heart as through its glass floor you can see over 100 floors down!

Second to Edge is The Summit, located at the top of the One Vanderbilt Building, the second-highest outdoor deck so if you’re slightly squeamish of heights this could be a good alternative.


The Midnight Ball for an epic nightlife

If you’re looking for an event with style and energy, the rooftop bar located above the McKittrick’s hotel called Gallow Green is the place to be!


To find your New Year’s in New York adventure, click here.


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