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Buenos Aires, Iguassu Falls & Rio De Janerio
12 night South American Multi-centre
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Holiday Highlights
  • 12 night hotel accommodation
  • FREE Trip to the Tijuca Forest

This Amazing South American multi-centre holiday consists of 4 nights bed & breakfast in Buenos Aires, 3 nights in Iguassu falls and 5 nights in Rio De Janerio.

We are currently offering £200 per person discount, free transfers through out and this amazing excursion:

Tijuca Forest -

Join an unforgettable tour through Rio de Janeiro’s Tijuca Forest, the biggest urban forest in the world. Feel the power of driving through a wide variety of beautiful scenarios aboard a military-like jeep, to then let the calm sink in as you stroll through the bush. So many wonderful things await, once you’ve seen them you won’t forget them in a hurry.

The first location the jeep will drop you off in is the Cacheira dos Macacos, a lush environment with tumbling waterfalls where you will be able to enjoy a leisurely walk while admiring the local flora. There aren’t many places where you can find thick bunches of orchids and bromeliads; dedicate some time to admire their delicate almost alien figures. Or better even: hit the hay – or, in this case, the moss – and take a nap under the wide shadow of the cedars and jacarandas. You will dreamily see endangered wildlife flutter around you, like the black-beak toucan or the dazzling blue butterfly.

Next stop if the Vista Chinesa, a curious construction erected in the 19th century in honour to the Chinese that initiated Brazilians in the art of cultivating tea. It offers an amazing vantage point of the hilly landscape and the sea that trickles into and around it. Inside the Capela Mayrink, make sure to not miss Candido Portinari’s painted panels. Finally, as you drive towards the beach of Sae Conrado through the Acude da Solidao, keep your eyes open for the dreamy sight of hang-gliders floating in the sky like colourful stars.

What's Included
  • Direct International Flights from London
  • internal flights
  • All airport fees & taxes
  • In flight meals
  • 4 nights in Buenos Aires
  • 3 nights in Iguazu Falls
  • 5 nights in Rio De Janerio
  • FREE Trip to the Tijuca Forest

Day by day

Day 1 London to Buenos Aires

Fly overnight from London to Buenos Aires.

Day 2 Buenos Aires

When you have arrived a transfer will be waiting to pick you up and take you to your hotel. Enjoy the day at leisure.

Day 3-6 Buenos Aires

Enjoy 3 full days here. Buenos Aires is by far the most European city in South America. Its architecture, streets, squares and fashion conscious population sometimes give you the feeling of walking around a Spanish city rather than a South American one.

One of the best streets which illustrate this is Avenue 9 de Julio, which is the widest avenue in the world and has 10 ten traffic lanes! This street in the Microcentro (city centre) is possibly the best place to see the Portenos (locals) go about their day to day life.

East of this street is Plaza de Mayo which dates back as far as 1580 and has been the scene for many important political events in the past. The square is complimented by buildings of historical significance including Cathedral Metropolitana, and two of the city's most popular museums, Casa Rosada and Museo Cabildo.

Half way up (or down) Avenue 9 de Julio is Plaza de la Republica. You cannot miss this square thanks to the Obelisco which stands 67 metres high right in the centre. To the left and right of the square is Avenue Corrientes which is lined with ticket offices selling discounted tickets for theatres, tango shows and more. If you fancy extending your activities into the night this is where to begin.

Day 7 Buenos Aires to Iguassu Falls

This morning a transfer will pick you up and take you back to the airport ready for your onward flight to Iguassu. When you have arrived another transfer will be waiting to pick you up and take you to your next hotel. The evening will be spent at leisure.

Day 8 – 9 Iguassu falls

2 full days to enjoy this natural beauty. If it's already hot, begin with the Garganta del Diablo or a boat trip under falls, for maximum spray. Relax afterward at Guira Oga, or take in the town's tiny Ecomuseum and Museo Municipal de Bellas Artes. If you've planned your trip well, spend your starry night above the falls once more, on a romantic full moon tour.

Day 10 Iguassu falls to Rio

This morning your transfer will pick you up and take you to the Brazilian side of the Iguassu falls ready for your direct flight to Rio. When you have arrived another transfer will be waiting to take you to your hotel. Enjoy the evening at leisure.

Day 11 – 14 Rio de Janerio

Spend your 4 days here getting to Know this incredible place. Get a bird’s eye helicopter view of the marvellous city guarded by giant granite rocks and vast blue oceans. Alternatively roam downtown on foot or bicycle and mingle with the charming locals while learning of the city’s fascinating lore and history. Follow this up with a delectable seafood lunch cruise that sails past the beaches of Niteroi. When the sun sets it’s time to take out your dancing shoes! Catch a samba show and enjoy a famous Brazilian steakhouse dinner.

A holiday in Rio is incomplete without a tour of the famed trifecta of Corcovado, Christ the Redeemer and Sugar Loaf which includes a ride through the Tijuca Rain forest by cog train! Opt for either a half-day or full-day tour and save some time to explore the quaint town of Buzios, known for its architectural finesse. Alternatively visit Petropolis, the lap of luxury, home to Brazil’s two emperors, end your Brazilian sojourn with a sumptuous carnivorous buffet at Porcao or taste some traditional Portuguese fare at the famous Antiquarius.

Your FREE trip:

Join an unforgettable tour through Rio de Janeiro’s Tijuca Forest, the biggest urban forest in the world. Feel the power of driving through a wide variety of beautiful scenarios aboard a military-like jeep, to then let the calm sink in as you stroll through the bush. So many wonderful things await, once you’ve seen them you won’t forget them in a hurry.

Day 15 Rio de Janerio to London

This morning make your own way back the airport ready for your onward flight to London

Day 16 London

Arrive back into the UK after a fantastic holiday.

We are delighted to let you know about a number of excursions that we can offer which will not only save you up to 50% off the local ticket prices, but save you valuable time during your stay.

You can call us free of charge on 01737 646416  01737 646416 FREE  to book any of these trips & tours.

Buenos Aires

Bike tour Buenos Aires different, £29 per person - Hop onto the saddle and pedal off through the sprawling streets of Buenos Aires. This bike tour of the capital of the Argentine Republic is without a shadow of a doubt the very best way of seeing a large variety of landmarks in a short span of time. As well as interesting and entertaining, on a bike you will appreciate the city from the point of view of its everyday commuters, who often will choose a bike as their preferred transport method for going to work or simply for enjoying a leisurely ride.

Parque Temaiken, £49 per person - Come and experience untamed nature and wildlife in all its glory in this full day tour to Temaiken Park. Temaiken Park is a special kind of zoo situated just outside the city of Buenos Aires. There are no cages or bars and the animals are allowed to roam and interact freely with visitors. See and interact with wild animals from Argentina and all over the world in their natural habitat.

After being picked up from your hotel and meeting your bilingual guide, it’s time to sit back and enjoy the drive through the northern suburbs of Buenos Aires as we head for Temaiken Park. The park is divided into four main areas: Africa, Asia, Native, which is dedicated to wildlife from Argentina and the Aquarium, a recreation of a rocky cliff in the Valdés Peninsula which features a million-litre tank complete with a wonderful variety of fish, including 21 species of shark.

Get up close to elephants, tigers and zebra as well as tapirs and capibara, sharks and manta rays. This tour also includes a showing of the film, The Arc of Life, at the 360º interactive cinema featuring eight screens along with special effects and sound effects.

Wander round the Bird Place and be enthralled by over 2,500 species of birds from around the world. Other attractions include special areas for children and a cafeteria and plenty of shady nooks for picnicking.

El Querandi Show, £79 per person - Feel the passion and magic of the world’s most sensuous dance at this scintillating tango show at the historic El Querandi venue. It's not hard to fall in love with the Rioplatense rhythms with an incredible live orchestra and a group of talented dancers to show you how they do it in Buenos Aires.

Dating since 1867, it first became a bar in 1920, and in 1992 was restored and cited as an example of ‘living evidence of civic memory’ by the government for its authentic atmosphere. Discover why they call Buenos Aires the Paris of South America when the music begins: accordion, piano and violin weave a magic tapestry of sound with two passionate and soulful singers. The four couples who take to the stage then express all the beauty and sorrow of tango, a dance whose very name means touch.

It's hard to underestimate the importance of the tango to Argentinians, who see it as the perfect expression of their suffering, nostalgia and deep appreciation for beauty. Originating in the lower class districts of Buenos Aires, it is a dance of immigrants, both the Europeans who brought their folk instruments with them and the African slave cultures whose candombe dance style inspired the exotic tango rhythms. The famous composer Enrique Santos Discepolo once defined the tango beautifully, saying that it is 'a sad feeling that is danced'. Pay tribute to the dance that put Buenos Aires on the map and discover this irresistible, intimate and evocative art form with the tango show.

If you chose the dinner option, you enjoy a meal with starter, a main – try the juicy ‘bife de chorizo’ sirloin steak – and desert.

guazu Falls

City tour and Landmark of the three Frontiers - £25 per person - Explore the fascinating city of Foz do Iguaçu and then visit the ‘triple frontier’ where Brazil, Argentina and Paraguay all meet, and where the Parana and Iguazu rivers merge. As a busy border outpost and the main destination for visiting the Iguazu Falls, Foz do Iguaçu is a hive of activity and its ‘organised chaos’ is considered by many to be one of the quintessential Brazilian experiences.

Downtown Foz do Iguaçu is just 28km away from the falls and is packed with attractions, including a Catholic cathedral, a magnificent mosque with two minarets and a Buddhist temple with more than 110 statues of the Lord Buddha – all symbols of the multicultural nature of this bustling city.

Make the short 6km trek from the city centre to the triple frontier, where the River Iguazu flows into the Parana. The three corners have monuments marking each territory: Brazil and Argentina each have an obelisk patriotically painted in the colours of the national flags while Paraguay has a tiled Art Deco-inspired rectangle.

Since 1903, there has been a visitor centre in the Brazilian side and you can learn here more about the region, which archaeological investigations show to have been inhabited for at least 6,000 years. The first European visitor was Álvar Núñez Cabeza de Vaca, who happened upon the land inhabited by the Caingangue people in 1540, three years after he ended a decade wandering what’s now the United States following a shipwreck.

Bird Park - £25 per person - Conveniently located at the entrance of the Iguassu National Park and fully integrated into its natural surroundings, the Bird Park offers a superb opportunity to discover the indigenous South American flora and fauna at close quarters.

A series of spacious walk-through aviaries and trails that wind through the jungle enable visitors to immerse themselves in this vibrant and exotic habitat with all its evocative sights, sounds and smells. Mingle with hundreds of native bird species – from toucans to parrots and macaws – with their shimmering plumage and raucous calls, and watch out for the butterflies, marmosets, caimans and snakes that all coexist in this remarkable space.

Set within 16 hectares of stunning forest, the Bird Park provides a home to more than 800 individual birds belonging to some 200 distinct species. Some of these animals can be extremely shy and elusive in the wild, so the park represents a unique opportunity for any nature-lover wanting to see and photograph them close-up.

The languages available for this excursion include both English and Spanish. A round-trip transfer is offered, picking up from most hotels on the Brazilian side of the Iguassu Falls. The trip duration is approximately four hours. The specific departure time for this tour will be determined upon reconfirmation.

Macuco Floating Safari - £89 per person - Experience the unmatched splendor of Brazil's Iguassu Falls and National Park with an unforgettable two hour Macuco Safari; an excursion into nature's bounty at its finest.
The adventure begins as you board open jeep-towed wagons at the Macuco Safari entrance. Allowing for unobstructed views of the wondrous scenery, you'll head out through the jungle and ecological trails of the park. With an experienced guide, see marvelous examples of the abundance of plant and animal life that make their home in the park.

Afterwards, you'll hop out of the wagon and head out for a short hike that leads to the cascading Macuco Falls. An optional part of your journey, choose to make your way to the waterfall, and see the magnificent waters spilling some 20 metres downward. A perfect place for a refreshing dip, you can gain access by a natural stairway carved into the ancient rock. Following a brief swim, you'll head down to the docks, grab a life vest, and board an inflatable bi-motor boat for a journey into the Iguassu River.

Travel up-river, passing stunning canyons, rocky facades, and lush greenery, as you face the rapids at a speed perfect for scenic viewing. Making your way to the 'great horseshoe' and a spot of the falls known as the 'Three Musketeers', your captain will skillfully maneuver the boat to provide you with a quick and refreshing shower beneath the falls. Pack a change of clothes, because you're bound to leave a little wet. With a trip to Iguassu Falls and National Park, full of natural beauty and rainbows in the misty skies, you are sure to be captivated by the world around you.

Rappel Iguassu Falls - £69 per person - Enjoy high-octane thrills in one if the most awesome settings in the world with this adrenalin-pumping rappel adventure in Iguazu National Park. Trek through the rain forest to the cliff of the canyon and then experience the breathtaking descent by rope of the 50-metre rock cliffs overlooking the waterfalls.

Awesome doesn’t even begin to describe the Iguazu Falls, which are a Unesco World Heritage Site and one of the Seven New Wonders of Nature. And nothing in the world of water compares to – or is more impressive than – the natural spectacle provided by the stunning group of 275 waterfalls that make up the Iguazu Waterfalls, one of Mother Nature’s greatest creations.

Situated just a few kilometres from the union of the Iguazu River with the Paraná River, the sheer size, the vast vapour clouds and the deafening sounds will leave you awestruck. During the rainy season, the stream of the Iguazu River increases, creating an even more beautiful spectacle. The biggest waterfall is the Devils Throat, which is 90 metres high.

This tour combines both sightseeing and activity as you discover the Iguazu Falls and experience the exhilaration of a rappel descent. Come along for this unforgettable adventure right into the heart of the rainforest.

Rio de Janerio

Beautiful beaches of Angra dos Reis - £65 per person - Complete your stay in Rio de Janeiro with a leisurely day at some of the city’s very best beaches. This tour takes you to the paradisiacal location of Angra dos Reis, a favourite site for relaxing both for locals and tourists due to the extraordinary beauty of its beaches. Come along and discover the whitest sands, the bluest seas and make your friends green with envy.

Angra dos Reis is located at the South district of Rio de Janeiro. Although originally discovered as far back as 1502, it was then colonized for the first time 54 years later. Throughout history, it has been in the hands of the Spanish, the French, the Dutch and the Portuguese. And it is no wonder the big colonizers were so eager to take it; as well as being a strategic location on the sea route, with its outstanding beauty, who wouldn’t want a piece of it?

This earthly paradise is now a hotspot of national and international tourism for that same reason. It has no less than 365 islands along the seashore – some of which are owned by famous celebs! The largest and most important is simply known as Grande, and it is located amongst the splendid lush green entourage referred to as the Mata Atlantica (Atlantic Forest). Other top beaches in the area include Guaratecaia, Mambucaba, Conceicao de Jacarei and Scrocaba – all of them safe bets for feeling a bit closer to heaven!

Corcovado, Maracana exterior and Sambadrome - £45 per person - Contemplate the Wonderful City from atop the breath-taking vantage point of Corcovado Hill, a staggering 710 metres high. See Rio de Janeiro at your feet looking smaller even than a toy city. This tour takes you not only above Rio but also to some of the city’s most notorious landmarks.

The ascent to the top of Corcovado Hill is a small trip that lasts no longer than 20 minutes. Along the way, the scenery is more than beautiful so as to make the stroll entertaining. As you walk, pass the Floresta da Tijuca, which gives you a taste of the view you will see at the top. But the truly memorable experience is when you reach the summit. You are welcomed by the iconic Statue of Christ, who stands embracing the stunning view of Rio with open arms, evoking both the religious symbol of the crucifix and, through its similarity with a hugging gesture, the Christian notion of love.

Once you are back at the bottom of the hill, make your way to the Mario Filho Stadium, which is known over the globe as Maracana. Enjoy an informative external visit with some great sites and interesting facts. Later on, you head to the Sambodromo, a creation of the Brazilian architect Oscar Niemeyer that is used as the stage for Brazil’s most famous celebration: the wild, colourful and eclectic Carnival that fills the streets with mirth once a year.

Sugarloaf with city tour - £59 per person - Explore the Wonderful City on this astonishing tour of Rio de Janeiro’s most famous landmarks. Rio’s beauty is renowned throughout the globe; a capital of carnivals, a metropolis of marvels, a centre of sensuality, you won’t want to miss this chance of getting to know the wonders of the city in depth.

You might feel like you’re travelling back in time as you pass by some of Rio’s historical monuments, but not so with the Catedral Metropolitana. When in front of this staggering must-see, you might believe you are on the set of a futuristic film. Its dark conic structure reaches for the sky like an alien pyramid. From the inside, admire how the light plays and brings life to its huge stained glass windows; a strong blend of old tradition with modern design.

While recovering from the awe produced by the cathedral, continue through the lush park Aterro do Flamengo. Another feat of design, its many hues and forms make the park thrive with life. Arrive then at Urca, a delicatessen of a neighbourhood filled with traditional houses and little local businesses. From here, admire one of Rio’s most renowned sites come into view: Sugarloaf Mountain. Ascend to the top of the hill on a fun cable car ride in two stages. First you will rise to the Morro da Urca, a smaller mount preceding the big one. From there you hop onto the cable car that will take you to the single best vantage point for contemplating the panorama of Rio de Janeiro.

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